Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We Need A Presidential Exam

You can't be a dogcatcher without a test. You can't be a broker, a pharmacist, security guard, realtor, lawyer, doctor, teacher, architect, professor or drive a car without passing an exam. So why can you be President of the United States and take no exam, test, quiz, interview, or even a basic citizenship test. You can be the most ignorant man on the planet and have terrible morals and values and if you have enough money and can get enough votes them you can rule over the world. Something needs to change.

First you should a have a basic grasp of  history. I'm sorry but you do. At least American history. Otherwise you will not know your role or place in that history. Governing is building on the past. It is not a break with tradition but one of adding something to the fabric of our democracy. You must understand why you cannot trash NATO. You must understand NATON was born from World War II and the Soviet land grab of Eastern Europe. If you don't understand that Stalin killed fifteen million of his own people then you will never understand the cold blooded ruthlessness one must have to rule Russia. You would have no chance of understanding Putin.

Then you better have some political science courses under your belt. You better understand the history of diplomacy. Otherwise you wont understand the brilliance of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The way he allowed Kruschev to save face and ignored one letter over another and averted nuclear war. You won't understand that diplomacy is really chess and the obvious move is three moves away.

And then there has to be a psychological exam. People carry baggage and some are downright crazy. You do not want someone who might be insane with their finger on the button. And then all parts of the exam must be scored and if you don't pass then you don't get to be President. So Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would have to take this exam.  I wonder who would pass.

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