Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CREEP becomes CEPT

The Committee to Reelect the President. That is what Nixon called the organization that hired the Watergate burglars. The Watergate burglars broke into the DNC Headquarters and got caught. The rest is history. So what should we call the committee to elect President Trump. CEPT. Has a ring. CEPT has been caught communicating with the Russians during the election.  So here is the question. Why?

Why was CEPT talking to the Russians during the campaign? If their job is to elect President Trump then obviously they had to be talking about matters pertaining to the election. Is this so hard to connect the dots on this? They were not calling the Russians to discuss policy except maybe they were and then the question is what kind of policy would CEPT want to have if their main concern is to elect Trump.

None of this is Rocket Science. Flynn called the Russians. CEPT called the Russians during a close election where WIKI leaks happened to release damning information on Trumps opponent. And the President has been very careful not to offend Putin. Hmmm.

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