Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Origins of Paul Ryan's Dark Plan

Donald Trump is not this bad. Trump actually wouldn't mind covering everyone with health care reform if Paul Ryan and the Republicans would go along. But he needs cover with the Russian investigation and Paul Ryan wants to put his death plan in place. It comes from Anne Rand's Atlas Shrugged. This is a book Ryan likes and has talked bout. At the centerpiece of the book is the notion that altruism if false and people only act out of self interest. Written in the thirties Rand looked around and decided liberal democracy was headed for the ash heaps of history. Humans only really care about themselves

Ryan took this and blended it with Horatio Algeir. This is a literary figure of the early twentieth century who embodies the rags to riches story of America. Anyone even a poor person in America can be rich if they work hard enough. You should pull yourself up by your bootstraps and if you dont it is your own fault. So people only can act in self interest and that self interest can spur you to great things but you will not do it by helping your fellow man. Here is where it gets interesting

The credo behind the Paul Ryan philosophy is really Social Darwinism. Only the strong will survive while the weak die off. This has been batted around for a hundred years and has taken the form of Eugenics; a racial model of who should live and who should die. It became the backbone of the Final Solution for Hitler. He exterminated Jews and undesriables and this was the old and the poor and many others. Ryan believes the marketplace will sort out the old and the poor and it will destroy those who are not strong enough to survive.

There it is. He is not alone in this thinking but he owns it now. This is behind the Ryan health plan. He actually makes Donald Trump look like a nice guy. Trump may be  many things, but he is not an evil man. You can not say the same thing about Paul Ryan.

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