Friday, March 31, 2017

When They Go Low We Go High...Didn't Work

We all remember Michelle Obama saying these words. It sounded good then but sadly it didn't work and Hillary Clinton is the proof.  One might ask if Barack Obama is still using this strategy. I know he put in his eight years and he deserves the islands, ski slopes, the world. But the guy with the funny pompadour is taking a hatchet to his legacy and he is not done yet. When they go low we go high is good in theory but in the year of our Lord 2017 it doesn't work. There is too much noise for the McCarthy moment anymore. Senator at long last have you no shame. No I don't. That belonged to a quieter era, a time when shame had some meaning.

I suspect Obama is thinking he will not get down in the mud with Donald Trump even after he tried to deligitimize his presidency for four years with the birther movement and then he accused him of wiretapping him, attacking his character, and basically committing a felony. Then he put Obamacare on the chopping block and just missed with his axe. He is not done yet. Then he eviscerated his climate change initiative. This is also after he suggested Obama didn't go to Harvard and faked his degree.

When they go low we go high didn't work for Hillary either. Donald just sucked up all the oxygen and was able to tell blue collar workers he had their backs and nobody contradicted him. Turning the other cheek is only going to get you sucker punched. I just can't believe Obama is going to not respond to these attacks on his character. When they go low you at least respond. Going high will just miss the target.

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