Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book Media in the Age of Trump

Unless you are a senator or a talk show host or a pundit then you will have a hard time busting through to the media Gods. Pushing a book is hard enough but in the age of Trump where the oxygen is used up by the President 24/7 it is like spitting into the wind. I just finished over twenty radio stations and I would like to think that makes a difference to book sales but I also know that the media cycle is now down to about fifteen nanoseconds per person for media attention and then the spotlight moves on.

Unless you are Al Franken or Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow. Then you are assured a NY Times Bestseller regardless of content. Authors see this as grossly unfair. The mid list author toils for years and then fights for a bit of the media pie only to see his book fall quickly into obscurity. One would like to think the cream rises to the top and I do believe eventually it does but when you see the television personalities hawking their own books then you start to believe the fix is in.

You could make a case that they deserved it. They fought their way to the top of the media mountain and it is time to cash in. Why not? But still, one does feel like the deck is stacked and the best you can do between our Twittering President and our publishing television landscape is hope those who want to read will seek you out. Tis a big hope in the year 2017.

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