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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tracking those Ebook downloads

If you are a modern author with several books then you have noticed the sellers of your books have increased dramatically. The biggest sellers that seem to come out of the closet now are the ebook sellers who pop up all over the place offering copies of your books for about ten dollars. So you try and track these people down and find out how they ended up with your book and you hit a brick wall. Getting a real body on the phone is impossible, so you send some emails and never hear from them again. All you know is you are not getting paid.

Now we know what all those recording artists have been complaining about. People just download randomly and take whatever they want. Books have not become IPODED yet in the sense that everyone is running around with a Kindle. But of course the price continues to fall and one is left with the sense that the free for all kind of limewire downloading is just around the corner. So what is an author to do?

Have faith that some people will continue to pay. And there is a huge population that still prefers books over the computer. It will take some time for these people to move on and not be a factor in publishing. So for the esellers are sort of like pesky mosquitoes buzzing around, taking blood when they can find it. And as an author, all you can do is swat as many as you can.

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