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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Talking Books and ending up in Technoland

It just seems technology trumps all. You start out by talking books and end up talking technology. Inevitably someone has a Kindle. So the conversation swings from the merit of a book or the suggestion of  a book to the device delivering the book. Do you have the talking kindle? Do you have the small Kindle? What screen settings do you like? Where did you get your Kindle? How much did you pay?

This then brings in the technological trump card. Phones. Who has an IPhhone and how do they like it and what do you use it for and how much did you pay and what plan and how does it compare to the Blackberry. You make small attempts to steer the conversation back to books or just about anything but the technology genie is out of the bottle.

What do you think of the IPAD? Do you use one? Did you hear about the way it converts writing into text? How about voice recognition software? Do you use that? I hear typing will be going away all together. How much did you pay for your IPAD and do you have an IPOD? You get my point. Technology is now the safe conversation. It is the ailment or weather conversation of yesteryear, because everyone can weigh in and the best thing is you did not have to read the book.

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