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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bleeding Arizona

Arizona bleeds. The nation rolls over and the pundits cry out that the man was mentally ill. Fox News broadcasts their indifference with faux sentimentalism. The media falls over itself to say he was the lone nut. But of course we know different. John Brown John Brown. He was a lone nut gone to do Gods vengeance. Gods work hacking up the slave owners. He hacked up women and children too. John Brown hung for our sins and he curses from the scaffold this nations blood will only be washed clean by blood. Then they dropped him to the ground and snapped his voice into darkness.

But here we sit on our eve. The hate is still there and we have women and children dead. The meteor is the lone nut fueled by a network of men who cloak hate behind patriotism and a woman who has come down from the North for her ruinous trek. Still we quake and quiver that anyone should be responsible for this carnage. But the horse is out of the barn and these men who have yelled at us for years since the first black President appeared have now had their way. They finally found their John Brown.

And he takes the fifth. A twenty year old stoolie much like Lee Harvey Oswald. A lightning rod picking up the swirling hate. Beck and they boys have been looking for him for years, instructing, letting him know what to do and how to act. God's work they tell him. Pick up your guns and water the tree of liberty the Michelle Bachman's call out with their Tea Party brethren. Our man picked up his Glock and took a fire hose to the tree of liberty and now we are all drowning in the wake. Arizona bleeds. John Brown rests in peace with hands clasped. The meteor sits in jail.We grieve to our peril.
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