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Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't you Love Corporate Speak

I want to massage these numbers before I get back to you on  that. WE believe in building trusting relationships that can be mutually beneficial to both parties, a sort of you wash my back I wash yours. We are increasing our presence in the market through synergies created by word of mouth that should allow us to penetrate virgin markets we have so far been able to penetrate. Marketing has put together several scenarios that I believe reaffirms what we are both mutually aiming for.

We are courting several larger companies with assetts in the market that we would like to acquire. Our long term goals are in line with their culture and I don't really get too hands on myself. I am a facilitator and come in if there is a snag in the works but I really don't get my hands dirty too often. We believe in treating everyone courteously and feel there is more than enough to satisfy all parties. But we feel if market share gets below our thresh hold then we might consider a new stratagem to deal with the unforeseen possibilities.

WE really are looking to go global and are monitoring our performance globally before we maxize profits and minimize people but we really don't see a transition in the field that might denigrate our long term objectives that are commensurate with our short term goals and we feel that a positive spin might help all concerned if we reach those company objectives as well as personal objectives objectively.

But WE are long term player in this new dynamic and feel this works quite well for us and see no real ripples in the performance of our model other than a few nuanced bumps in the road that we anticipate if the market becomes hostile to our goals and long term projections that coincide with our short term securitization in a field dominated by a few major players.

I think that sums up our goals unless you have a new wrinkle in the works that might facilitate a reconsideration of your position vis a vie my position. Which is in all probability, missionary.

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