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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Herminators New Nine Nine Nine Plan

Now there has been a lot of talk about my Nine Nine Nine plan and so I have updated to reflect the new realities. Under my new Nine Nine Nine plan every male in the United States will get Nine women they can make sexual advances toward at Association meetings after drinking like hell. Then every male in the United States will get Nine payoffs complete with non disclosure agreements for those Nine Women. Then every male in the United States will get Nine more women to make more sexual advances toward.

Now the devil is the details so let let me explain further. Lets say you tell a woman she is the same height as my wife and that her head would be perfect for a beer while she is on her knees. Under the current law you might be accused of sexual harassment. But under my Nine Nine Nine plan, you can pay her off with up to a years salary and then have her sign a non disclosure agreement. Well, what does this do for you? It allows you to move on to your next Nine women without any problems. Simple right.

Or lets say you decide to run for office and people are saying that you got drunk and did some lewd things with employees who were just out of college. Well you and I know that is probably true. But under my Nine Nine Nine plan that same young hot babe will have to keep her mouth shut because she is one of your Nine that signed a non disclosure agreement. You see this allows men who run Pizza Corporations or any other corporation to blow off steam and not have any repercussions. Under my Nine Nine Nine plan you get your fill so to speak and go back to the well anytime you want!

Now I know the media is going to say my plan doesn't work. But I have been using the Nine Nine Nine plan for years. In fact, when I ran for the Senate nobody knew I messed around with those young hottie toddies with those ripe bodies. You see it is only now that you are hearing something about those girls!

Now my Nine Nine Nine plan isn't perfect. Nothing is. But I think you will find if we all work together, then we can all share in these nubile young comely bodies. You see under  my Nine Nine Nine Plan we really can have our cake and eat it too! Did I say cake? Make that pizza. We can have our pizza and eat those young bodies too! Did I say bodies? I meant cake. We can have our pizza and eat that babe too! Aw shuckey wukey. I done it again.

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