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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Real Cost of Black Friday

Granted Black Friday is consumerism gone bad. Getting up at the crack of dawn or going to the store at midnight is slightly mad, but what is the real cost to save a buck? If you went down to the store at midnight then the cost is obvious. You leave your family on one of the few days you have off to go to a store and fight with thousands of others for a deal you may or may not get. The cost is psychic yes but it is also economic.

You will spend money to compensate for leaving: gas and food for one. Loss of sleep for another, somewhere you will have to catch up. Maybe you take the kids to a movie or dinner to compensate. You are not home and there is a hit there too. Dad or mom is gone again. A day home from work to be with family has turned into another parental absence you cannot make up. The number of days we as Americans have to spend at home is diminishing as the recession drags on and on. People are already working Saturday as standard operationg procedure to keep their jobs.

But lets say you don't take a hit anywhere else. You have succumbed to the oldest bait and switch on the planet. You are in the store to get hat IPOD for fifty dollars less and maybe you get it but then you get hit with all the other deals. Impulse buying kicks in and now you are getting the switch. Statistics prove people buy unwanted items just by entering the store and that is what Black Friday is all about. Even if you get suckered just a few times the savings that got you up in the middle of the night is gone.

So save yourself some time and money and let Black Friday pass. The deals you miss will be more than paid for by hanging with your kids and your wife or husband. And we all know that time is not money. Time is much more precious.

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