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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why can Only the rich eat healthy?

Went organic recently and went broke. Yeah, eat healthy. Lets go. Organic milk, waffles, mustard, pepper, bread, eggs, butter, meat, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, carrots. And paid over a hundred bucks for practically nothing. So much for organic. But what is wrong with this picture. We know our food is sprayed with pesticides. We know we are buying chemicals wholesale. So why is it that only the rich can afford to eat the freshest foods sans chemicals?

My brother can eat organic and does. He and his wife don't touch middle class food. But with dual college incomes and no kids and  a small house they can pull it off. Parents with kids not so much. If you have kids then you buy in bulk. Chemicals and all. We buy everything over sized and processed. Not that we are looking for that but when confronted with the price of groceries you go for the deals. And the deals are not on the bright greens with the Organic label. It is on the Eggo waffles that come twenty to a box.

I know there are people who grow their own. There is a woman in Brooklyn who grows everything she eats and feeds her kids only fresh non laced foods. But she is one of the few. The rest of us can not till our gardens because we are busy trying to make a buck. You hit the grocery store at the end of the day and it all you can do to fill up the cart with essentials and get out of there before the kids go to bed.

But I tried it for a week. For a week my refrigerator looked like something out of Whole Foods and you know what the food did taste better and we did eat better and we felt better. Maybe it was all in our heads but there was a qualitative difference. But then I realized I was spending hundreds and barely filling the fridge. So I fell off the organic wagon and went back to my  chemical food.

So now I have more in the account and the fridge is full once again. I guess it's true what someone said long ago, only the poor get fat now. I'll go organic again when I hit the lotto.
Rocket Man...I have one word...plastics.

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