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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why The Germans Won't Bail Out Anybody

Europe is about to blow unless the Germans do something and start lending. I have a friend who is German. He told me a long time ago that the Greeks will have to just pay for their ways. They are lazy and just want to sit on the beach. And the French are the same. He works here in America and I know him quite well. What was amazing to me is that he really is just a step away from those pedantic Germans who pop up in movies and on Hogans Heroes. He does not deviate from methodology. And this is the reason the Germans lost the war but also almost took over the world.

What is scary is the logic that sits right under his cool facade. He also believes old people should just die and that would solve a lot of the worlds problems. He says this with no more emotion than ordering a hamburger. It is logical. We keep too many people alive and the world cannot support all these people. He is not a monster and has a family and is a good father.

But looking for the Germans to bail out countries where they believe people lived beyond their means is not going to happen. They will watch as the European economy implodes and drags the rest of the world down with it. As my friend said, they get what they deserve. Yavol.

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