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Monday, December 5, 2011

Falling off the Kindle Train

Uh oh. Fell off the kindle train. Burning the eyes. Yeah I know it is supposed to be like print but I found myself squinting all the time. Maybe its just a coincidence but reading from the little screen just stopped appealing to me. I will still use it I guess, but a book sure feels better. And I know you can make the type bigger and all that. I just think I'm tired of reading from devices.

We lived in ether world now and it's getting worse. Tech is robbing us of personal moments and I don't know this just felt like more tech to me. And I'm a tech freak so I think the burning eyes and the feeling of not holding a book just bothered me. Maybe the gadget thing wore off. You know, you get a new phone and its great for a bout a week and then it just becomes your phone. No big deal.

Anyway. I'm back to buying books. Whew. Expensive man. A hardcover is like twenty one bucks. What the hell. I could download it for half the price! But I dont' know. I read The Art of Fielding and The Help on my  kindle and when I see the book in the store I still want to own those books. I just own some bytes and yeah its cool to look at the cover and read the inside info of a real pulpy book.

I know with the color Kindle Fire it will get better. But old dog new trick. Maybe. Or maybe I just want to own something again. Like a book.

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