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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hemingway's Attic--Surviving As a Writer

"There are no classes for how to survive as a writer. It is usually the school of hard knocks. Writers mostly keep to themselves and flame out or end up in some gutter without telling anyone of their journey. There are lots of books on how to get published and make a bestseller and how to sell books. But to survive as a writer in a society that does not recognize writing as a viable way of life is very tricky. Most will not undertake it. Many will wait until retirement and then write their self-published novel. It is all very safe and not who Hemingways' Attic  is for.

This book is for the writer. This book is for the man woman or child who has no choice in the matter and who makes the decision to be a writer or die. It is like that. Once you know you are a writer then there is nothing you can do. So this book is for those who must survive in a world intent on crushing the writer. It is no coincidence all our great writers went to Paris in the twenties. America has never had much patience for artists of any kind. This is a can do country and it would seem artist are outside that charge.

So if you are still reading then this is a good thing. My history tells only my story. Yours may well be different. You may hit it early, later, or not at all. But here is the thing. I have been up and down many times, but through it all I have always had one goal…to keep on writing."
  Excerpted from Hemingways' Attic
Hemingways' Attic (surviving as a writer)

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