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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Extremists in Goverment Don't Work

Look no further than the Tea Party. The New York Times said two years ago that if Tea Party candidates were elected there would be gridlock in government like we have never seen. Well we have seen it and basically we have an engine that is firing on one cylinder. The other cylinder doesn't fire at all and worse it seizes up and freezes all motion. Zealots want only one thing and one thing only: their way. That is fine for television and cable news but it does not work in a Democracy.

Uneducated people want simple solutions. To them the world is either black or white. The shades of gray do not exist and now we see those shades of gray have vanished entirely in the US House of Representatives. Forget that we now have a renegade band of right wing Tea Party conservatives who have decided they know best for the country and that if we just take our medicine all will be right with the world, the real problem is that these people have taken control and are extorting the American people to get their agenda implemented.

Remember the debt ceiling crisis where the President had to give in? Remember how they crowed that they were doing the peoples business. My question is, who died and left these guys boss? They have appointed themselves as keepers of the castle and the Executive branch has become subservient to a nameless group of Representatives who dig in and do not do the peoples business, they do Grover Norquists business and the shadowy right wing groups behind them.

So how do you get rid of these people? You vote them out. But until then there are renegades inside the United States Government who mean to do us harm and I mean the middle class. These people are not populists, they are zealots who like the mean old schoolmaster believe if you spare the rod you spoil the child. It's time for the child to bite down...hard.

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