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Friday, June 15, 2012

Writer Burn Out

You hit a point on Friday where you know you are done for the week. That world you have been inhabiting for the last five days just vanishes into magician smoke and you cannot gain access. You try. You think well it is still early on Friday and I should be able to rewrite one more chapter but the horse will not be led out of the barn. He kicks. He bucks. He shakes his head. UH UH. No sir. Not going to come out. I am resting up for the weekend. And you know you are done.

The chapter may be complicated. There may be real work to be done where the under pinning needs to be tweeked and you just don have the zap to pull it off. You may have stayed up too late the night before. You may have drank too much coffee and gone all jittery with your brain skittering across the table like one of those twirling jacks only to fall onto the floor and just stop. And that is what you know as you try every trick left which includes more coffee, more sugar, more books. But no... you are done.

And you cannot complain. You have a good run of five days. You made a hell of a lot of progress but there is just so much more to be done and you want to do it. You want to wrestle with that beast a little more. But you will have to wait. Until Monday. So you switch off and go outside and see what the rest of the world has been up to while you were gone.

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