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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rolling Stone Magazine making money on the Dead

The good fortune of your misfortune is proved over and over in America where you can kill people and then become a celebrity. There is nothing worse than anonymity and now the scum that lies under the toilet seat now s like Bruce Springsteen and is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Counter culture hooey aside it is a corporate ploy to maximize sales on the back of the dead. Clearly that is what this is about. Forget that the Boston Bomber now looks like a rock star...Rolling Stone has lost any mantle to anything counter other than craven capitalism.

And what can you say. Everyone involved in the Zimmerman joke trial will make money. Except  Trayvon. Book deals will abound for jurors and lawyers and George. Some people will become rich. Profiting off the dead who make nothing. What about the people without legs or the people who lost their lives. They will not be on the cover of Rolling Stone. But the creep that did the deed is there in his Rock Star Byronic pose. It does make you want to puke.

And who knows if Trayvon will ever get justice or if the victims of the Boston bombing will see their man put to death or incarcerated for life. He put the picture on line himself so he is behind his own fame right now. From the picture he is living the life of  O'Reilly. And the editors of Rolling Stone who are already hiding behind journalistic integrity ( it is a heavily researched article) all should be canned if the magazine will ever have any credibility again.

Being a shill to make money for your parent corporation is pretty disgusting when it is on the backs of the dead.

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