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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There are no more Secrets

Poor Anthony.  Seems like he just cant keep from sending pictures of his Johnson around. Seems like last summer was a rough one. Sexting. Johnson photos. Revealed by yet another site. So what is the take away here. The age of secrets is way over. If someone wants to find something out they will. Anthony is certainly the litmus of I am just a  little weird but no one will really know taken to its logical twenty first digital age conclusion. Everyone will know you are a little weird and maybe a lot weird.

Because digital communication has an eternal footprint. You cannot obliterate. Someone who has the time can dig through cyber junk until they find the Smoking Gun. See James Frey. And with Anthony Wiener who cannot keep from sending pictures of his wiener he must have breathed a sigh of relief when he left Washington. At least I can sext all I want now. Not so fast Anthony.

Seems he figured with a different name and a submerged site he could have it both ways. Sending his Johnson while launching his new career as Mayor of NY. But as we watched him with his long suffering wife by him he found out that digital dalliances have permanent markers. The Clark Kent identity was quickly ripped and there was Anthony talking about his Johnson and doing the nasty and then me a favor and do a hard delete on these texts.

Come on Anthony. Kids stuff bro. That aint going to hide the weeny for you.
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