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Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting out from behind the computer screen

As a modern author you think that the whole battle will be fought behind the laptop. That the world of book buyers has come to the sites and it is spurious to go out there into the land of brick and mortar and schlep around books. But this is exactly what you should do. After a point the online world gets saturated and you have little new information. Reviews calm down and those epiphanies coming in the form of interviews or news items or blogs don't seem so brilliant anymore. It is time to get out from behind the laptop and hit the road.

That's what I've been doing on my mini tour of Independents around Chicago. And every time I go  into a bookstore I  make a friend. I introduce myself and my book and then we just talk. Nothing like letting a bookseller know what your book is about. This helps them position the book to their customers and it is critical. I think one casualty of the online world is we tend to think that world has more impact than the physical world. It just aint true.

And you never know who you will bump into. I went into a bookstore on the North Shore and bumped into an old friend who was working at the bookstore. Talk about good timing and then he talked me into hanging around for a signing.

Well...I better go. I have a lot of driving to do.
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