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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Should You Publish Directly To Kindle?

I would have said no before but now I have to qualify it. The world is moving away from books and of course that means they are downloading crazily. I am thinking about publishing a mystery called Jackpine directly to Kindle. Why? Well. The people already reading Tobacco Sticks and Mica Highways which are Southern mysteries set in time will pick up on another one in the same genre. And I am backed up with traditional releases through Fall 2014.

And I really want to get this book out there. I had spent years writing it and then put it aside for other books but the Kindle environment is perfect for a book like this. It is a genre driven title and once people start to find you then you can feed them one book after another. What about reviews? Well every one of my books has been heavily reviewed and by now people know what they can expect. What about a physical copy?  I am not that concerned with that right now.

The change in publishing is ongoing. And the author has to morph along with it. There is good and bad and little we can do to change that. But the opportunity is there. I will say this. If your book is not ready to be published don't do it. The ebook audience massacres books that are poorly written. You have to know your craft or you will pay for it with poor sales and a massive blow to your ego. So. I would say try traditional first and then if you are ready.

Go Kindle.
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