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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Writers Making Money off of Writers

You see it all the time. The success story and then the pitch. I became a Kindle Bestseller and so can you. So you click. Why not you don't want to miss out. And it is a testimonial and basically breaks it all down to  a system. Becoming a bestseller has nothing to do with the merit of your book but the merit of the marketing. And here is how you do it. Post until you die. Shoot an email to these people. Contextual advertising. Facebook. Twitter. Skype. Radio. YouTube. Here is the secret and for a mere 9.95 or 19.95 or 99.95 you can have my secret.

And sometimes you pull the trigger. Why not?  It is the wild west out there and no one knows what really works and these writers selling these programs know that too. The hungry must be fed and so writers turn to making money off of writers. It is pathetic in a way. Writers have little money. Most writers. And now there is another predator out there. And maybe the system worked for the person. Maybe they lucked out and the marketing or Internet Gods turned in their favor. But probably the only thing that turned in their favor was the idea to con other writers.

And it all assumes that the central idea of writing a good book is secondary. That telling a really good story might be the only way to sell lots of books. This is buried under the pyramid scheme idea that there is some secret nestled deep down in the ground that has more to do with computer algorithms than the merit of your book.

The sad truth is the only thing deep down in the ground is a treasure chest filled with the fools gold of people who think talent can be bought for 19.95.
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