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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Author Scoreboard

Used to be you put a book out there and you had no idea what was going one. BA. Before Amazon. Now the world can take a peek and it is the same as having your pants you really want everyone to see your underwear. Only if it looks good and if it looks bad then you want to hide. So the author scoreboard is there every day like a stock fluctuating with the tide. Up or down it sets your mood for the day. Which is not a good thing.

Should you feel better about yourself because someone buys your book.  Sure. But is that why you wrote in the first place? No. You wrote because you were drive to do it and the whole selling thing was secondary. Now there are people w ho will say no no I wrote to sell books.  Pity you. Go make a widget they are easier to sell. Most authors write out of a higher sense of purpose and that is what keeps you going through the hard times.

But being human you watch the scoreboard and when your ranking improves the day is good and when it falls off the day is dark. You tell yourself it doesn't matter but it does. Because you do want to believe people are buying your book. You want to believe that scoreboard represents a faith in you and your story and that what you do is not in vain.

So back to why you started to write in the first place. Yes it starts out of a higher place but you have to eat too. There in lies the rub
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