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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer in Wrigleyville

It comes like that. Bang. Eighty five degrees and humid. And there is a game tonight and nobody has geared up for it yet. There is just that slowed time of the summer in the city. And you run across the street and its hard to believe there will be thousands of people in just a few hours. But right now it is just you and the old ball park and the workers and the people who hang around. Do you have a I don't.

And it isn't summer but it has dipped in for an early reminder after such a winter. That vacant feeling is already here and you are thinking about baseball and just goofing off for the day. But there is work to be done so you do it and now you are sweating like crazy. Too hot already? Not after this winter. Bring it on. But you are sweating. And so into the cool darkness of a coffee house.

And the cops are there. And some of the workers from the ball park. They are relaxing before it all begins. Wrigleyville is mostly just cold and empty during the winter. The bars and stores and the park have to make it during the season. Everything is focused around the game. The one event that gives everyone a purpose.

And then it's time. The slowed time is gone and soon there will be that singular cry...Play Ball! The season has begun again.
The Pitcher

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