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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Daisy Buchanan and The Longest Day of the Year

Daisy Buchanan complains she always misses the longest day of the year. It is momentous in the Great Gatsby. It shows her boredom, her spiritual vacuity as she longs for something she has missed. But of course we miss it too. It is here on this Solstice the year pivots back to the shorter days incredibly on the very day summer begins. A shadow on the moon once emerged.

And we know that another year is slipping along and that we have passed something even if we don't know what it was. The longest day of the year should be a milestone. It should be something that Daisy waits for like a child for Christmas. And yet it eludes her. We think that we can get it all in our digital age but we just cant stop time.

Our days go even quicker. One finding the other before we remembered what has even happened. And we look for some sort of  milestone. Something in between all those moments to give us our bearings like the longest day of the year. But of course by the time we know the day is here  it is too late.

We are already heading for the short days once again.

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