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Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Shots in Terminal One in the Lauderdale Shooting

We were waiting for our plane which wasn't flying out for five hours and we were just about to go get something to eat when we heard the shots. Three or maybe four. My wife and two daughters and son took off one way and I lost them in the stampede out the door. I turned and ducked down behind a cab with a woman and her baby in a stroller. We looked across the street. Police cars were flying down the street and people were ducking under anything they could find. But I had to find my family.

I went back toward Terminal One and then inside. It was empty. Just some shoes, luggage, sunglasses. I went back out and found my wife and children hiding under some plastic bins. I got up my youngest daughter and ran toward the media trucks keeping a low profile. Everyone was hunched  over. I saw my wife and other daughter making their way toward me. Terrified they laid flat on the cement while cops and journalists ran past. Then I was up again and saw my son coming toward me.

He had been frisked by the police when he ran out trying to get into any car he could find. He said he saw the smoke from the shots. And then suddenly there was a hastily arranged news conference with the police chief declaring there was only one shooter in Terminal 2. My wife and kids were still on the ground. I made my way back toward Terminal one that was full of police. I was able to get our luggage back five hours later. No shooter has been identified in Terminal One as of this writing.

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