Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vice President Biden Won't Stop Emailing Me

Vice President Biden just wont stop emailing me. I mean I don't mind it every now and  then, but you would think he had better things to do with his time than to keep sending me emails and thanking me for my support. Joe sent me another one today and asked me where I wanted to have my personal thank you card from President Obama sent. Well, Joe, that's pretty obvious. Just send it to my home. Apparently the President wants to send me a card for supporting him through the year on the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and the Start Treaty and the tax compromise.

So I figured what the heck. If the President really wants to take time and send me a thank you card I would give him my address. I'm kind of private about that, but I figure the President wont spread it around. So I followed the link and then it gets kind of weird. Joe wanted me to give him my credit card first! Now I understand sometimes you don't want to pay for the stamp but it's less than a buck to send a thank you card and I really think the  President can spare the price of a lousy stamp. So I tried to reply but that was another weird thing, it went to this DO NOT REPLY guy.

Maybe that is Joe's email. I mean he has emailed me a lot over the last year asking for my support and inviting me to the White House on several occasions and telling me the President wants to meet with me and get my input. I was a little surprised. You think he would have advisers to bounce ideas off of, but Joe said he wanted to meet with me so I followed the link again and don't you know, he wanted my credit card again! Maybe Joe needed some gas money or something to get the President to our meeting, but I mean come on, I think the guy should at least have enough for a couple of gallons to get him from the airport!

So I dont' know. Joe keeps emailing me and telling me they couldn't have done it without me. I really appreciate that and he also told me wanted to send me a sticker for my bumper to show how much he and the President appreciate me sticking by them. So I followed the link and you guessed it, another credit card number. You think they could spring for the price of some glue and paper! Talk about cheapskates. So I sent an email telling Joe at DO NOT REPLY that he has to quit emailing me and enough is enough. Otherwise I'm going to put him and the President in my spam filter. You'd think these guys would quit surfing the net and you know, go be the leaders of the free world or whatever. Sounds like they both need to get a job.
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