Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sold down the river by Social Media?

You better think twice as you post your life to Facebook or search away on Google or post on AOL. Although I don't know who posts on AOL anymore. But we now know that the business of information has a nefarious side. It is not all for marketing which is obnoxious in itself that we are tracked for our habits and likes and dislikes and just about anything else  Internet conglomerates can tag us with...but now we know all that data was turned over to the government.

Now there are denials but I don't know who is buying it. Facebook and Google claim they just found  out about Prism. Hmmm. The NSA seems to be saying that everyone turned over the info, Verizon, Facebook, Google and so that means that all the innocence of us just giving up our data is now a real shot ourselves in the foot scenario. We just cant give ourselves away fast enough to these companies and now we know this info was passed on to the NSA.

Now you can say well it is to stop terrorism. Ok. Then keep shoveling out the info and rest assured you just let the government know more about yourself. But if you don't like the idea that your info is being piped to a third party then you better think again. What really should happen is a tech barrier between us and the Social Media Companies. Something like a toll booth. They pay and we get to decide how much they get...for a price.

Can anyone say take back our identifies?

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