Monday, June 10, 2013

Who Really Won the War on Terror?

We certainly didn't. Now that we have to strip to fly on a plane and we cower every time we hear a firecracker and of course the biggest defeat is the death of our Civil Liberties. Now that we know every phone ball tweet picture video email is being culled through by Prism computers embedded in the NSA we now know we are truly in the land of  Big Brother. And of course we do all of this under the umbrella of stopping the next attack and now that Osama is no longer we really have to ask ourselves...did we win?

If a war is gauged on the outcome then we might have a hard time painting our victory. Two wars later. Broke. Our privacy obliterated. Our sense of trust in our government teetering. Our government polarized if not paralyzed...then we would have to say we won the war but lost the peace. Terror is only triumphant if it changes the society. And we would have to say that those box cutter men changed the world. And now we have a broad sweeping justification for spying on just about anybody to stop the next big one.

And again we have to go back and say at the end...who really won? If Osama Bin Ladens goal was to disrupt the great evil Satan America then he did achieve his goal. Our lives are different. We have lost significant freedoms. Our government is different. We are fearful. He is dead. But what are we now? How do we get back the liberties we lost?

Makes you think about who really won the war on terror....doesn't it?

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