Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where did the Summer Go?

You start out in early June telling yourself that summer is long. That you are just in the beginning of June and there will be unending days of sunshine and heat. And you feel good that the warm sunny days are just the beginning. And even when the fourth of July rolls around you still feel like there is lots of summer left. Why there is all of July and August! Lots of time to do all those things you do in summer. Like vacations. Swimming. Playing with the kids. Lots of time.

And then somewhere in July when the days turn weirdly cool you have a premonition. You think for the first time that the summer is half over and you better start getting your time in because it is going. So you go to that ballgame. You go on that vacation. You go to the pool. And then just like that it is August 1 and somebody has mentioned school and the summer camps are over and those weird cool nights are coming back already. Still it is only August.

So you roll along. You still believe there is plenty of summer left even though the grass is burned out and the trees look funny. The leaves are curling. Now there are a few more of those cool days and you realize the heat of the summer is behind you. Still. It is only August. But then comes the nuclear bomb of summer. About August 15 your wife or husband mention school is starting next week. What??????????

And that is it. School begins next Wednesday and the summer will end. Because everyone knows summer is over when the school year begins. It has always been that way. So now you are down to less than a week. And you realize, you have missed summer once again.

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