Friday, December 13, 2013

Disconnecting From The Connection Costs

Ok. Got rid of all the premium channels. Back to almost rabbit ears or at least rabbit ears and a lot of crappy reality television channels. Yes. We are going back to the stone age for nothing better than saving money. But come on. We did not watch all those channels anyway but now that they are gone it is a dark hole. Wow. There is nothing on.

Saw  my son on the couch reading a book. Reading huh? Yeah. Since we don't have television anymore. I would say we still have a good sixty channels but yes we lost the fun ones that were pushing out into the realm of a car payment. But this would be a good thing. Take out cable to get son to read. Hmmm. Hard decision there.

But yeah I miss the channels. I admit it but there is no turning back. I am attacking the connection costs and the land line is gone too. And now I am going after the cellphones. This is harder but doable. We might have to start over with flip phones. That bill is headed toward a small mortgage right now but I will get it down.

Hit the Internet .Yeah. I want your cheapest Internet. Oh that would be our  high speed Internet. No. I want your cheapest. That would be our high speed internet. Ok. I'll take that. The times are achanging. Who knows maybe I'll even read a book.

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