Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Road

Erskine Caldwell wrote a novel called Tobacco Road. I wrote a novel called Tobacco Sticks. There should now be a novel called Ebola Road which tells the story of how tobacco went from killing people to saving people. It would be a little known bestseller until it leaked out that the only way to stop Ebola was to grow more tobacco. Strange that are our nemesis should become our savior but that is the way it is beginning to look.

You know the doctor who recovered so quickly from Ebola and the nurse who recovered so quickly?  They were given a little known experimental drug that stopped Ebola in it's tracks called ZMAP. The drug had only been given to monkeys before them. The drug stopped Ebola cold and the doctor and nurse recovered quickly. And guess where that drug came from...Tobacco Road. That's right those nasty tobacco leaves.

Seems ZMap comes from the leaves of the tobacco plant. A substance that can be scraped from the tobacco plant at a certain point seems to stop Ebola from replicating itself. Wow. The problem is only a little of this comes from each plant. And it needs to go through FDA approval and testing.  But who would have thought that the cigarette you smoke or that cigar or that chew could maybe save your life.

But it really takes a killer to kill a killer.
Tobacco Sticks

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