Friday, November 21, 2014


Maybe you have seen Californication. It is on Netflix and concerns a novelist who has a lot of sex and does a lot of drugs and drives a Porche. Wow. Not only that he is able to tell everyone how he feels and confronts people in movie theatres because they are talking on their phone and faces off with very tough husbands whose wives he is having sex with but he has no real worries and comes out smelling like a rose as he jets off in his Porche.

But the novelist has problems. He cannot write. He is not happy with the movie version of his movie. Poor baby. Still he has the Porche and a great apartment and lives in San Francisco and basically jets around doing a lot of nothing except for bumping into women at bookstores who are reading his book and then he goes to bed with them.

Now he does have an ex wife and a daughter whom he is trying kind of to be a better dad. I have to laugh or cry at Hollywood's depiction of the working novelist. His good fortune is so glossed over that it hurts the fantasy,. I really want to believe that this novelist life is out there. It is so full of sex and drugs and good times that it is really more of the rock star. It really would be something to strive for and it supposes that people still care about writers and the books they write.

Very cool. Too bad we live on earth.
Real Santa..."If someone doesn't make a movie out of this book then there is something wrong with the world."


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