Thursday, December 15, 2016

Edith and Woodrows Excellent Adventure

They were going on the presidential yacht. They did that. Just pick and go on a drive or take the ship out for a cruise. In this way they were very much like a modern couple. Little junkets of reciting  poetry around fires or going horseback riding together. But on this day they headed out and went for a cruise and came upon a small island. The President and Edith took a small launch to the island and were surprised to find it deserted. The small cottages were all buttoned up tight with the shutters drawn. So they left.

But at the dock Wilson turned and looked back. Lets go  back and see what's going on he said turning around. He and Edith returned and they saw people outside the cottages. When they saw the president and Edith they scurried back inside except for one man. He stared at Woodrow Wilson. Wouldn't you be the president? I have that honor Wilson returned. The man breathed in relief. We thought you was the Germans come to invade.

The Germans had been sinking American ships as World War I raged overseas. In  1919 there was no radio and newspapers were sporadic for many islanders. Rumors of invasion swept over the coutnry routinely. Woodrow and Edith then talked to the man and the other islanders who came out to greet them. After a lunch they returned to the launch and went back to the ship. Within a year the United States would be at war with Germany and in the hell of World War I.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson
William Hazelgrove

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