Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who Told Flynn To Call the Russians?

Richard Nixon was brought down by a simple act. He said on tape that Haldermann and Erlichmann should obstruct the investigation into Watergate. He was sunk by his lie that he knew nothing about Watergate when it was revealed he did know by his own tape. Now we have General Flynn who called the Russians and said not to worry about the sanctions. The question is who told Flynn to call the Russians and what  would prompt such a call.

Flynn did not just pick up the phone and have a conversation with the Russian ambassador. Someone wanted to reassure the Russians not to worry. Now why would you do that unless you wanted to reassure someone who might just talk about other things. Why would General Flynn be so concerned the Russians might get pissed about the sanctions?

A simple lie brought Richard Nixon down. He told the people who worked for him to redirect the FBI and get them off of Watergate. He did many other things but really it was the moment he told those who worked for him to break the law. So again...who told General Flynn to call the Russians?

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