Friday, February 25, 2022

Why Vladimir Putin Won't Blow up the World

Vladamir Putin says he has nuclear weapons and cutting edge weapons. Vladamir has three daughters one ex wife, one girlfriend, one grandchild, and by all accounts he is a doting father. So lets go down the I might just press the button scenario if you dont give me what I want. He wants Ukraine. He might want the Balkans. That would be NATO. The Russians have nukes and oil but not a great military. The US has the military all the world wants. We would immediately dominate the skies and all the world would rain down on Putin and Russia. But the logic behind I might use my nukes is moronic at best. It is the robber saying to you at gunpoint, if you dont give me your money I will shoot myself with my own gun. We have nukes too and we would use them. So while Putin can say Oh I might use my nukes. He might as well use them on himself and get it over with. He knows this. Putin and his daughters and his grandchild, girlfirend, exwife woudl die. Not a great move for the doting father. So while the Ukranians fight it out with the Russians, Putin holds his own gernade threatening to use it if anyone intervenes in the fight. So you have to wonder, if any of his generals have pointed out to him, that if he pulls the pin... he'll blow himself up too.

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