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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tech Stress

It  comes every xmas. You have more devices than you can handle and each device requires a good week learning curve. You are overwhelmed and weirded out as you sit on your couch in front of Its A Wonderful Life with your Lap top, Kindle Fire, Ipad, Smartphone. You are trying to get those pictures to upload to flickr on your television while solving the problem of your password with your Starbucks app and why wont your G mail autopopulate on your IPad and isn't it weird the way your book disappeared that you downloaded on your Kindle and why in the hell wont the songs you downloaded from Amazon dump into your I tunes. And on top of that your IPOD is eating songs. You have a bad case stress.

Throw Windows Eight into the mix and you have a perfect storm. And all these problems are a time suck at the very time you want to spend more time with your kids and significant other. Just a minute honey...Im going to just check the email. Where did it go. It was right here. Why are there two desktops on Windows Eight? And where is the START button. And how come you cant close any of the apps. Better switch to the Kindle. But it is not picking up the WiFi. Now just a minute...let me just figure out why it doesn't see the signal.

And you feel strangely overwhelmed. These devices should make our lives easier but we become incredibly upset when a password doesn't work or we cant open our online banking. Someone might have stolen our identities or somebody tossed us off facebook or locked us out. Who can forget the image of people in New York after hurricane Sandy fighting over outlets for power for their smartphones. Almost like it was food and water.

And it is now. Tech is our sustenance and nothing less than being left behind is at stake. We only have so much time to master our new tech because something else is on the way. Well we do have the holidays. Now, lets see. That app that is supposed to block texting when Im driving is not opening up. I wonder why that is?

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