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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The States of America

Ruled by a minority a house cannot stand. We are the States of America and we are not united. The view of the few has been traded for the many and our democracy has hit critical mass. Can a house divided stand? No. It cannot. The question is how long do we have. A government that cannot operate cannot continue to govern. It might have only been a matter of time before Democracy was taken over by forces not interested in our common good.

Power is taken by those who can take it. And a country founded on making a buck will eventually meet the devil in the road. There can be no mistake. We have traded on our own self interest and now the only guiding force is the dollar. We cannot stop guns. We cannot stop our own self destruction by going over the fiscal cliff. People consumed with self interest have no interest in the common good. There is simply no money in that.

And so we have minority rule by a small faction of zealots in the house. And should we be surprised. No one has done the right thing for a very long time. And why should they? Ideologues from the darkest corners of our paranoid republic have seized the high ground. How else can we explain the loss of our democracy to guns and crony capitalism. And now we have no one to blame but ourselves. A republic based on financial gain will eventually fall.

How could it be otherwise.

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