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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Daddy Daughter Dance

No one tells you about these moments. Dads in their suits in a Park District gym eating meatballs and MMs and drinking watery pink lemonade. But it is amazing. The daughters in their dresses and the dads in their suits and everyone is there for a moment. And when you see men dancing with seven year olds, literally holding them off the floor then you know you have stumbled into the great secret of parenthood. You could never describe this gold nugget to someone who has not done it.

And your daughter looks like she is a princess and you are hot in your suit you never wear. But the music is going and you have watched the magician and gotten the balloons and had your picture taken. And it is only an hour and half. A blip. Yet you do glance at the clock as you fast dance to songs you never hear but your daughter knows the words. And the dads are sweating and taking off their coats and eating the meatballs and bad vegetable tray. And the DJ crashes on through the Hokey Pokey and YMCA.

And then you do the slow dances and you see in the men around you with their daughters a moment. It will go too fast. It is already. And you know she wont come with you next year. She is already getting too old. But still you have this moment. You daddy daughter moment that you grab and you slow dance with the very proper young lady. You have the moment now. And you will have it forever.

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