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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Best Book I Ever Dropped in the Bathtub

Alright so I read in the bath tub. It is one of the few places I wont be disturbed. I have written in the bathtub but the risk to the computer is very high and the screen clouds from the steam. But I read there and always pile up books around the edge of the tub. Just got Scott Bergs  monster biography of Woodrow Wilson. Beautiful book. Gorgeous cover. Heavy. So I took it into the tub with me and settled down among the suds and the steam. Just me and Woodrow. The book is so heavy it makes my wrists ache. So then I reach up to flip the page and that's when it happened.

Somehow I lost my grip and WILSON did this funny cartwheel and then KERSPLASH into the hot sudsy water. But I made a grab before the Titanic went completely under  and sort of juggled the book on the surface of the water before it disappeared below. And now I am tearing off the paper cover and grabbing a towel and blue ink is running down my arms form the very deep blue cloth cover and it is getting all over the tub but still I wipe frantically trying to keep the pages from becoming sodden sponges.

And I am mostly successful but now the ink is everywhere and I look like a mad printer with blue all over my fingers and forearms and the white towel is now blue but I have the book and get the majority of water before it becomes that heavy mass of pulp. And I even am able to read again moving the pages like thin wet tissue. By morning the book is dry and a bit wavy but I put the cover back on and except for the blue ink still stained all over my hands you would never  know Woodrow took a  bath.

Without a doubt. This could be the best book I ever dropped in the tub.
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