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Monday, October 21, 2013

Do Blog Tours Work?

OK. Im taking a moment from my Indie bookstore tour to comment on something online like Blog Tours. The blog tour was pretty mysterious to me before The Pitcher. I actually contracted someone to do Rocket Man. They disappeared with 90 bucks and were never heard from again. But I preserved and cued one up for The Pitcher. Alright lets talk about what a blog tour is and where it came from. A blog tour is a tour of blogs.

Not to be confused with the Author Tour. A rarer beast in danger of extinction. The blog tour occurs and you never leave your desk. You never leave your bed. A very appealing aspect of the Blog Tour is that once it is set up it is pretty auto pilot. Alright so what is it. Two components to the blog tour: The Book Blast and the actual Blog Tour. Now the book blast is the first phase of the tour if you will. It is a coordinated day where blogs list your book with an excerpt and a summary. There are no reviews at this point.

Then follows the Blog Tour which is comprised of reviews and interviews and more excerpts. This usually follows the released of the book and takes a while to set up. Usually about six weeks because people need to read the book and you have to respond to interview questions. It is amazing the coordination that goes into a good Blog Tour. Usually the Blog Tour is spread out over ten days and then it ends.

And what do you have at the end. Well a lot of presence for one. All those people who follow the blogs see your book and this should spike sales. Of course no one is really sure how much it sells but it has to help. Certainly a lot easier than driving to all over the place.
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