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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Giving Speeches During the 2020 Pandemic

No handshaking. Easier than it sounds. Keep your hands clasped behind your back. Sometimes people still come on and there is the hand. Sorry. I cant. Oh. The hand retracts. Spray down the podium. The microphone. You never know. Keep your distance as you work the crowd. Go and wash your hands several times before you go on. Then you are behind your podium. Your barrier. From here on it is a cakewalk as the audience is in the dark and you are up by the screen.

Some questions. And then the lights come up. Some people want to talk. Keep your hands clasped behind your back. You take a few steps back and most people respect the distance. But then comes the woman who has to tell you about her family history. And she does not know the meaning of personal space. She comes on. Did I tell you about my family? No. You take a few steps back and she takes a few forward. So they came over in 1665... Uh huh. She comes closer. You take another step back.

Now you are backed into the wall and still she comes on. So I researched and what I found....Now she has you. You have no where to go as your back hits the wall. You are within the three feet the CDC says to avoid. She is coming in for the kill. You pivot and take refuge behind the book table. It has become your moat. Well thank you for coming you say, grabbing your hand sanitizer. It doesn't matter. If she has the virus you probably have it by now. 

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