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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Time to Transition into a Full Online Economy

So everyone is at home. So people cant go  to the office. Should they really be going to the office anyway? My wife is in meetings all day long with multiple people. The meetings are long and productive. She never leaves the home. I obviously have always worked at home. That's what writers do. But this paradyme of people driving into big cities to go to their offices is so twentieth century. We have been toying with a virtual business world for a long time. Now with the coronovirus it is time to go into a full online economy that is impervious to work stoppage.

Publishers have shut down. My publisher has shut down. Why? Everyone in publishing works on computers creating books. This can be done anywhere. In fact my last editor did all his work from home. So why did publishing shut down? The people who write the checks and run the company couldn't come into the office so it was all just shut down. Ridiculous. Everyone should be working from home. The office concept is slowly dying anyway and cornovirus might be the final death knell of driving to a central location to do what you can do at home.

But more than all that we now buy things online We get our groceries delivered. We work remotely all the time. We can have meetings remotely. Write checks remotely. Get hired and fired remotely. There is no reason to be in any central location where we are in danger of becoming infected. The cornovirus is an organism that cannot infect wires and silicon chips. We are twenty first century people so lets act that way and leave this virus behind with an economy that never stops. 

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