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Sunday, March 29, 2020

We Don't Need Any More Death Projections....We need Action

If you are on the Titanic you don't need someone telling you how much time you have before it goes under. You want to find someone who can get you into a lifeboat. When we have a global pandemic we dont need people from the government telling us that if a  hundred thousand people die then the government did a good job of stopping the virus. We just don't need any more projections that get splashed on CNN and MSNBC and then end up as headlines on the New York Times. We don't need panelists telling us what they think of a hundred thousand people dying. We need action!

We need gloves. We need masks. We need ventilators. We need to a therapy that will stop the flu. We need a vaccine. We dont need DEATH PROJECTIONS. That is just sensational garbage. We get it. We have to social distance but stop the numbers that everyone talks about ad nauseum. How about a Manhattan style project to develop a therapy or a vaccine. Lets talk about that. Lets talk about how many people we can save not how many people are going to die.

For one thing is it s depressing, defeatist, and usually just wrong. The truth is no one knows. They have ideas but they dont know why China was able to stop it or why South Korea was able to stop it or why so many died in Italy while so few die in Germany and why young people are now getting it when everyone said they would be fine. The truth is we dont know a lot and so lets quit with the projections and deal with the things we can know. We know we need masks, gloves, and ventilators, vaccines and a therapy. Lets start there. 

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