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Thursday, May 14, 2020

I Know...Lets Publish a Book During A Pandemic!!

The libraries are closed.
The librarians are home trying to figure out what a ZOOM is.
The publishers are closed...mine anyway.
The reviewers are home and wont touch advance copies.
The bookstores are closed or no one is in them.
This means:
No speeches
No signings.
No marketing support.
No buyers except online.
No money....the accountants are home.
No media...editors are home.
No television...everyone is figuring out how to not look more stupid than Friday night Zoom happy hours.
No radio...advance copies are on producers desks gathering dust.
No real buzz...the pandemic monopolizes all twitter facebook buzz.
No new deals...acquisitions are frozen.
Indie bookstores are not pushing titles.
Barnes Noble  is down to Zoom presentations with authors who look like they want to crawl under their bed.
More than all that...books are sold by word of mouth and no one is talking.
So...My book came out May 12, 2020. Henry Knox's Noble Train .
I am the like the last of the Mohicans staring into a hot dry desert with tumbleweeds, sand, a whistling wind that portents a gloomy thanksgiving.
What to do then?
What writers do every single day.
 Damn the torpedoes...

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