Book Trailer The Noble Train

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Release of THE NOBLE TRAIN!! Listen to the 101.7 FM Interview and the Boston Stories Interview

                             PUBLICATION RELEASE DAY FOR THE NOBLE TRAIN😊😊

Henry Knox commanded the Continental Army’s artillery, founded the academy that became West Point, and went on to become the first Secretary of War for the new United States.  Before any of that, though, he was a young man in Boston.  He was a Whig sympathizer who was in love with the daughter of a Tory, and he owned a bookstore frequented by both sides.  Young Henry Knox was catapulted to prominence after one nearly unbelievable feat: bringing 60 tons of heavy artillery 300 miles through the New England wilderness in the dead of winter, from Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York to Cambridge.  William Hazelgrove joins us on the show this week to describe how Knox accomplished this nearly impossible task.  He’ll also tell us about his new book Henry Knox’s Noble Train: The Story of a Boston Bookseller’s Heroic Expedition That Saved the American Revolution, which comes out this week.

Listen to 101.7 FM interview of the incredible story of a twenty five year old Boston Booksellers expedition to bring 60 tons of cannons to George Washington in 1775.…/william-hazelgrove-henry-knoxs-nob…

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