Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Tea Party Brings the Country to It's Knees

You  knew these guys were bad news. The racial slurs, the threats, the bricks through the windows. The all white rallies, the Don't Tread On Me flags flown by guys in military fatigues. The far right of the far right views on everything from abortion to the environment to education. The anti intellectualism, the racism, the xenophobia, the Muslim obsession, the birther movement, Michelle Bachman, Dick Army, the phony family values, the Union busting, the cutting of every social program that helps poor people. But you never really thought they would get in a position to do the country real harm...until now.

Now they will shut down the country and it is the Tea Party members of the House of Representatives that is dictating policy to the whole country. Who are these guys? Who told them they were to think for three hundred million people? They have positioned themselves to be the arbiters of our social conscience. Don't spend. Don't give money to NPR. Don't give money to Planned Parenthood. Don't give money to enviromentalists. Who died and left them boss? Who allowed a minority view to become the majority?

The Tea Party is the worst of America. It is the paranoid, narrow minded, prejudice, mean spirited, old fashioned, backward leaning side of Americans usually kept hidden away. These people have brought the worst of ourselves forward and made it their mantra. People are good and bad, but the Tea Party has said that exclusivity and ideals based in their view of God and country and what is good for people should be the law of the land. They are like the old school marms with the rulers threatening anyone who thinks for themselves. And now they will shut down the government to punish America for spending. They are doing it out of spite, knowing what they are offering is untenable to the other side. They don't care. They have admitted they don't care.

The Tea Party is simply the worst of America brought to light from sustained hard times. They belong with the dark corners of our  history when one group decides what is best for the whole. They belong with McCarthyism and the Black Lists. They are a blight on our land.
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