Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Lie of Fiscal Conservatism

We are not a family. The United States is not a person who has run amuck and overspent and now has to be put on a mandated budget or go into bankruptcy. This argument is a lie and nobodies children and grandchildren are going to pay for anything. The statement we are putting a terrible burden on our kids and grand kids with the deficit is the worst kind of BS. Our kids and grand kids will pay the same amount of tax we pay. The deficit is not a balloon loan where it all comes due in ten years. And the Chinese are not going to stop financing our debt. How could they when they have billions invested in the United States? Would you sell a stock you have sunk millions into because you didn't like it's performance and take a loss if you didnt' have too? Of course not.

But the Tea Party cowboys wave this fiscal flag like a sword so they can ram through their agenda of social conservatism that will eviscerate the social safety net and destroy what is left of the  middle class. Social Security Medicaid and Medicare are up on the fiscal chopping block next. And they will go after it because they are a front for Corporate Interests that do not want to fund entitlements anymore at the risk of badly performing portfolios. These moneyed interests, these plutocrats are the Republican party and unless you are truly wealthy and I mean a millionaire you better learn what side your bread is buttered on. It is not buttered on the side of the wealthy.

Social Conservatism is a I got mine I don't care if you get yours philosophy. It says every man and woman and child for himself and any helping hand is at the expense of the taxpayer. This is total hogwash. Our taxes fund our wars and keep the government rolling. Little goes to social programs. One percent at  best. But the slash and burn fiscal zealots want you to believe they are saving us from fiscal Armageddon. All they are really doing is putting forth the agenda of the moneyed class who elected them under the guise of populism. It is the con of the twenty first century.
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