Friday, April 5, 2013

Those Confederate Flags

Two countries. That is what we have now. No big shock. But driving to Florida and back to Chicago I couldn't help notice the increase in Confederate flags. Not just small ones on mailboxes or on the back of pickup trucks. I'm talking Arlington Cemetery size flags. You know stadium flags that stand out by the highway because they are so damn big. And I had to wonder who was putting up these flags but you couldn't really tell. The point was there are  more of them and they really mean something different now.

I am from Virginia and saw my share of Confederate flags as a kid. They were just part of living in the South. But now they seem to be a bigger statement like the billboard that said GET US OFF THE US TITANIC in Georgia. That Titanic being the United States or Obamaland. And these flags are not really the old relics of the lost cause. That is how I used to see them. A heritage of the South and one that we cannot be ashamed of...but now they seem to represent our polarized nation if  not out right secession. Or just hate.

And so you really start to realize we do have two counties. I talked to a woman the other day who said she thought that was great. The states should be allowed to leave she continued. Well. I think we fought a war to prevent that and it was very bloody. But her view is that we are different and she sees no coming together. People should be allowed to be who they are and live the way they want. 1861 does not seem that far away when you hear that.

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