Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Hyperactive Moment

We do not live in the moment anymore.  We live in the hyperactive moment. One moment to the next. We know longer know what the moment is. Computers have done this to us. The speed of our lives is such that we can not afford to stay in the moment. We have to be to the next or we will get left behind. Sure. Go ahead and lose that phone or that computer. You will be living in a tent. There is nothing less than survival at stake.

We think about it. On vacation. We slow down some then. And we think about slowing down and enjoying the moment but even then our phone is going off. Even then we are afraid of missing something and we look to the next moment. That is why we are always checking our phones. The present moment is no longer enough. There must be something better  coming.

And we wonder why kids have ADD. Is it the kids or is it the speed of our life. We cannot afford to have our kids take their time. They will be left behind and nothing less than their survival is at stake or so we thing. So we run even faster. Lose another moment to the next and before we know it we are all out and we are not even sure we have lived at all.

Rocket Man...the American dream upside down


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